The Urban Mermaid

artist's statement

Chyna De La Mer

Ever since I was a child I have made things: small kingdoms, characters with which to people said kingdoms, and a great deal in between. I spent hours observing nature, dreaming up ideas and transforming them into something that could be touched; a wish, a captured memory, a stolen moment that came from my head, my heart, through my hands and into a form that could be shared freely with others. I believed that to be an artist is to be a translator of sorts,opening the doors of wonder to any who would choose to see. I could make people see more clearly the beauty that is all around us which we often take for granted, and renew the sense of wonder which is so easily lost or forgotten in our day-to-day lives.

I still believe that now.

I began sculpting with clay professionally in 1988 and draw my inspiration primarily from nature and folklore. My particular passion is the sea. I remember my first glimpse of the fantastical garden under the ocean as clearly now as on that day, and it still fills me with awe. How could I not take inspiration from my experience and show it to the world?

I love texture, colour and flow. The tiny details are the things which I cherish. I want to spread a little magic with my reations, open doors into the fary realm and beyond, make people aware of the stunning world in which we live. After all, there is land, and sky, and a whole lot else in between...

All my work is made entirely by hand and is truly unique.

Being a sculptress is not just what I do, it's what I am.